Dream #59 - The case of a man missing - A horror dream!

[This is a dream I had the night before the last night.]

Many people, including me, went for a hiking. I do not remember my involvement in the hiking. What I know about my involvement in it is from my co-hikers. During the hiking a man went missing. Later we found him - tired or beaten. One of us carried him. Again, after some time, he went missing. All, except the missing man, came back to an open space after the hike. Everybody was reluctant to talk about the missing man. I was eager to ask about him. But I thought that people would not be ready to talk about him as it might reveal their involvement in the case. There prevailed an uneasy silence. Everybody, except me, sat together in a round fashion. Suddenly, a hand - I couldn't distinguish whose hand it was - emerged from the group and gave me a jacket. I realized that the jacket was of the missing man. I showed this to others. It was clear that the one who gave the jacket had some clue about the missing man.

Problem Solvers

There are two kinds of problem solvers in research - sharp solvers and deep solvers. I am too lazy to explain about them. But you know it quite well without my explanations!

Dream #58 - Jack fruit chips and a kid

[This is a dream I had last night.]

When a relative left my home, I went to kitchen and saw an opened and much consumed packet of jack fruit chips. It was me who consumed the rest of the chips. I took the packet and went to the courtyard of my home. Then I saw a one year old kid (who is a daughter of somebody I know) standing on the verge of a 2-meter deep alley. She saw me and held her hands out as if to get the chips. Then, suddenly, she fell down to the alley. It was more like she did it purposefully to reach me. She was walking to me as if nothing had happened. I went to her and held her in my hand affectionately. She was perfectly alright. Then, her relatives came in search of her. I explained everything to them. They were happy that nothing had happened to her. Then I remarked: 'I think, nothing will happen to adult people if they purposefully do this from the verge of a deep alley.'

PS: Jack fruit chips is a delicious snack.

Dream #57 - A flight to Budapest

[This is a dream I had last night.]

I was in an airport. I am supposed to fly to Budapest. I was feeling some discomfort possibly due to my luggage. I was in a confusion whether I missed something to take from home. I met a few people at the airport and I was talking to them. The time was 7.08 in my phone. Then the one who was talking to me told me that the departure time for the Budapest flight was 7.02. I went into a panic. Then I saw a flight on the runway about to takeoff. I thought that it was the Budapest flight. I ran behind it waving my hand anticipating that they would stop it for me. It didn't happen. Then I consoled myself that it might not be the Budapest flight.

Is laziness a sin?

"Can you ask me a question for which you know for sure that I do not know the answer?"
"Your question is my answer."
"You mean that your answer to my question is the question I asked you?"
"Are you sure?"
"Wait...No, it is not. If that is the case, you know its answer!"
"So, what is your answer to my question?"
"First of all, if there exists such a question, then neither I will be knowing its answer."
"If I know its answer, I cannot prove that you don't know the same."
"That's reasonable, though may not be correct!"
"Assume that is true. Then, such a question will be independent of you and I and of every human being."
"So, the question now is: Can we ask a question for which we are sure that none of the human beings knows its answer?"
"Can we?"
"Yes. Here any paradoxical question will do, like the barber paradox."
"Then can you prove that every answer to my question must be paradoxical?"
"You have already eaten half of my brain. A man like me has the right to be lazy and you forbid it."
"Laziness is sin."
"I reject every such uncomfortable doctrine."

The Killer

"Do you know how does a human being die?"
"Desires kill him! Bit by bit, step by step or all of a sudden."
"Then who lives an eternal life?"
"The one who kills all her desires."
"How can that be done?"
"Look at the scriptures or look inside you. In either case, do look inside you. Find out the weapon and fight it out."
"Yes, it is nothing but the realization that the killer is the desires."
"It is raining outside."
"It is inside you and me."
"You mean, the rain?"
"Yes, the rain of desires."

Good, bad and the countless perspectives

Of all the bad things I did, the worst thing stands out. When I closely inspected the worst thing, I realized that it is as good as the best thing I did, in some perspective. Then it came to my mind that doing good in the most accepted perspective will make me a 'good' human being and doing good in my perspective - the conscience - will make me a satisfied human being.

The Worst Cases

After studying a few years about worst case time complexities of algorithms, I realized that I spend much of my time thinking about worst cases in real life scenarios. It is not clear whether this line of thinking was in fact prompting me to study the former. Anyway, it takes some time to realize that spending time thinking about worst cases in real life is disastrous and depressive.

Dream #56 - Kidnapping

[This is a dream I had a few days back.]

I was in USA. I was staying in a house. Somebody knocked the door and I opened the door. The one who knocked the door had a gun with him and he told me that he was a Government official. He asked me whether I was an agent. I replied 'no'. He left. Then I noticed that the house had a secret room other than three rooms that I was using. It has a door to one of my room. But, the door of the secret room cannot be locked from my room. It was locked from inside. I guessed that there was somebody inside. Then somebody came out of the room with a gun. He started threatening me with his gun. At this moment I thought that the reason for all those problems was that the guns were freely available. During his threatening I slept. Sometime later he kidnapped me to the outside of the house. Apart from me he took so many other stuff from home in a big plastic cover.