The Cycle

"Stop the cycle!", I commanded myslef. Unfortunately, I stopped the cycle I was riding on not the one which was riding on me - the one with wheels of pleasure and pain.


The scarlet of
Colored leaves.
A crow
And a puppy.
Playing the
Chasing game.
An amused child
Joining them.

The sediments

Let the things go through me
By never getting stuck inside
Even my dearest learning.
For the sediments create problems.

Why not then assimilate them?
And thereby solve the problems?

For, I suffer from indigestion!

Then treat the indigestion
And let not the things go in vain.

I haven't met a doctor yet
Who can cure my indigestion.

You won't meet one until
You look through the sediments
For they obstruct your vision.

How strange it is!
I need to destroy the sediments
To find a doctor to remove it!

Yes, it is tricky.
But never impossible.
For the hen and the egg
Are born together!

A solo trip

Nothing matters when one goes for a solo trip leaving behind all the desires and bondages. What matters is the realization that even a bit of mercilessness is not necessary to do such an action by an able youth who can support a bunch of people if she choose otherwise.

The saddest of songs

When I was hearing a very sad song, an Oracle told me that the song I was hearing was the saddest of songs. Suddenly, I became happy knowing that I had reached the bottom of the well of sadness and there was nothing deeper than that. Even more spontaneously, I became curious of the irony behind all those strange happenings.